3 days loop in the Adirondacks

Trip Details

Trip SummaryHike 52 kilometers (32 miles) over three days in the High Peaks region of the Adirondacks
WhereI parked at the parking lot on Ausable Club Road close to the junction with road 73 (southernmost one). This itinerary goes on the summit of Dix Mountain, one of the Adirondack's 46 peaks over 4000'.
WhenOctober 2015
DurationThree days.
LogisticsA Bear canister is mandatory for hiking in the High Peaks region
MapsNational Geographic NAT GEO Adirondack Park Map, Lake Placid/High Peaks Campsites and Lean-tos locations are indicated on the map.
Tips● Don't count on a spot in a lean-to Carry a tent!
● Please don't set up your tent in a lean-to it uses a lot of space and is annoying for other users.
● If you plan on using the lean-tos in the summer, plan on using something to keep the mosquitoes away from your face while sleeping, such as this.
● Access to part of this itinerary is closed during big game hunting season.