Cycling around Gaspesie, Quebec – 2011

In 2010 my boyfriend mentioned that he had thought for a long time of going around Gaspesie by bicycle. "Let's do it!" I said. And off we were the next summer. Going around Gaspesie on a bicycle is not easy, but orienting yourself is not hard. Our basic itinerary was to follow road 132, which completely circles the region. You could never leave road 132 and have a very nice trip. You can also add a few side trips in the region and make your trip even nicer.

Length837 km (520 miles)
DateJuly 2011
Duration9 days
ResupplyMany possibilities en route
LodgingIn private or public campgrounds around Gaspesie. One night in a B&B.

First of all, we would recommend picking up a tourist map of the region from a tourist office in the area (we went to one in Saint-Anne-des-Monts). The map will be useful as it will indicate you where campgrounds, B&Bs and hotels can be found so you can plan your days accordingly. The region gets a lot of tourists in the summer months and finding places where to stay should not be a problem. However travelers in the off-season period might have more issues finding accommodation.


Some parts of very hilly. On the North and East side you are close to the sea most of the time, but that does not mean that there are no hills. On the East side you follow the Mapatedia valley so you are along a river most of the time. We left our car in the parking lot of Riotel in Matane. I had e-mailed them before to ask permission and they accepted, even though we did not stay there. The pictures below give a general idea of what it is like. The road shoulder is wide most of the time which makes this road ideal for bike-touring. Don't forget to pack mosquito repellent, mosquitoes can be ferocious in the matapedia valley in the summer.

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