Sentiers de l’Estrie, Quebec

Plan Hike the main Eastern Township Trail (Sentiers de l'Estrie) from Richmond to the USA border. Connect to the Vermont Long Trail and keep hiking.
Where Eastern Townships, province of Quebec, Canada. I will hike the main trail that goes from Richmond to the US border.
When ??
Expected Duration One week
Why Long distance hiking in Canada is not as popular or reknown as in the United States. I wish to explore local trails and support local organizations who develop these trails.

Planning details

Detailed Plan ● Get to Richmond, QC. I am hoping family members will be available to drop me off.
● Hike the trail to the USA border.
● Road walk in Canada from the southern terminus of the Sentiers de l'Estrie to the Northern terminus of the Long Trail in Vermont.
● Hike the Vermont Long Trail
Useful trip information I gathered ● Because of land access issues, membership with the Sentiers de l'Estrie organization is mandatory to hike the trail.
● Maps of the trail can be purchased on the trail association website. Membership is required to be able to purchase the maps.
Main anticipated difficulties ● Road walks to link sections
● Dogs on farms and private properties
Useful links Estrie Trails official website (French only)

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