Hilleberg Enan tent review

When planning my summer crossing of the Ungava peninsula I was looking for a tent that would be both lightweight and highly resistant to winds. I already owned a Zpacks duplex, which filled the lightweight requirement but not, as far as my experience goes, the high wind resistance one. I also owned a Big Agnes UL2 Platinum edition, but once again I wanted something a little sturdier.

After some research I decided to pick the Enan tent from Hilleberg. I had been eyeing this brand of tents for a while but had always been held back by the high price tag. At an MSRP of $635, the Enan is probably one of the most expensive one person tents around.

I usually prefer to travel with 2-person tents even when I am just by myself. I like the extra space and not to be crammed with my gear inside a tiny space when it is raining. When I received it, I watched set-up videos online before practicing to set it up in my back yard. I was impressed by the easiness of the whole process.


  • Easy to set up, even in strong winds.
  • You can remove the inner tent without taking the outside tent down. That way you can have a bigger shelter in case of rain or pack up everything (almost!) without getting wet in rainy conditions.
  • Comes with the option of a fabric or mesh inner tent. The mesh inner tent has to be purchased separately.
  • Good protection from the elements.


  • High price tag! (MSRP $635). Switching the inner tent for a mesh one adds another $175.
  • Heavy for a one person tent at 1.2 kg (2 lbs 10 oz). (Using the mesh inner tent would reduce weight)
  • Could be hard to set up if you are not able to stake the ends properly.

The Hilleberg Enan is the tent I used on my Hudson to Ungava crossing as well as many practice trips before. I paid for the tent myself and did not get any discount for doing this review. More details on the Hilleberg Enan tent can be found on the Hilleberg website.