My thoughts on my new Pakayak – Pakayak review

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It was in June 2016. An article popped up in my Facebook feed, advertising a kayak that broke into six sections. Full length of the boat was 14 feet, but the six sections nested into one another to form a nice package of just 3.5 feet. It seemed too good to be true. I had just spent over a thousand dollars on my first packraft in April of the same year, but at the same time, I had dreamed for more than 10 years of owning a sea kayak. It did not take long to convince me to participate in the crowd-funding and to commit to purchasing a boat on Kickstarter. Planned delivery was April 2017.

Fast-forward to June 2018. As many other start-ups before them, Pakayak encountered some production issues but delivered according to that was promised. Deliveries started in April 2018 but having ordered the color Sunshine (yellow) my boat would be one of the last ones out of the production line.

I arranged for my boat to be delivered to a friend’s place in VT. Somewhere in early June 2018, I got a message that my boat had been delivered! Very eager to see it, I drove there and took my kayak out for a first outing on Lake Champlain.

First impressions

I did not have the patience to read or watch the videos on the set-up instructions and started assembling my boat right away. I found the process very intuitive. Having a towel or other piece of material to use to keep the different boat parts clean helps a lot. I found the clamps very sturdy but also easy to use.

Once on the water, I recognized the same feeling I had when I went to a Pakayak demo in September 2017. The kayak handles like any other top-quality plastic kayak of similar length. It tracks and edges like a charm. It is possible to install a rudder but I did not feel the need for one.

After paddling for about three hours, I was 100% happy with my purchase and excited for more adventures to come. I also picked up kayaks for two friends at the same time and wondered if the manufacturing consistency would allow me to interchange the parts of the different kayaks. It worked and I loved the multi-color boats I ended up with.

After a few outings…

I have now multiple Pakayak outings behind my belt. Here are my Pakayak pros and cons


– The kayak handles like a plastic kayak of similar length and of good quality. Very pleasant to paddle and edge.

– Excellent manufacturing quality: I have interchanged the parts of three kayaks and everything fits fine, which indicates a consistency in production.

– Zero water leaks issues

– Easy to assemble! The first set-up takes a little more time but for the following outings everything was ready in less than five minutes

– Easy to store and a well-designed transport bag! I could store three pakayaks in my minivan and I still had enough space for my boyfriend and me to sleep in the van.

– No special car rack needed. No fancy rack storage system needed at home.

– You can take your kayak to and from the water by yourself, no help needed!

– The endless color mixing opportunities! 🙂


– The leg room in the cockpit could be too short for very tall people. I am 1,80m (5’11) and it fits fine. I also paddled with someone who is 1,87m and it was fine but close to the limit. However, someone taller might find the legroom too small.

– It is necessary to pay close attention to the joints during the assembly so that dirt does not accumulate there (Not really a negative point, but you just must be more careful than with other boats)

– It is heavy to carry around (55 lbs / 25 kgs). The transport bag makes it easier especially if you can roll it around, but is not necessarily super easy to carry on your back, but perfect for short distances. In all cases: it is possible to handle it alone.

Future pakayak plans

I have only been on day outings so far but I am planning to take my Pakayak on a 7-day tour in September if I manage to take the time off. I am curious to see how it will do on a longer trip. I am currently learning to roll and I have not tried to roll the pakayak yet, but I don’t foresee having issues once I learn how to do it.

I am also very excited for a potential additional section that will allow you to transform your single kayak into a tandem. Pakayak has not announced any production date so far, but there is high demand for that additional section.

In conclusion…

I love my new kayak and I am so happy that I now own a boat that I can load easily in my trunk to take anywhere with me. If you consider purchasing a pakayak, I would be grateful if you use my referral link. I get a referral bonus if readers purchase a kayak using my link. Happy kayaking!