Traversée de Charlevoix, Quebec – 2012

The Traversée de Charlevoix spreads over 105 kilometers of the Charlevoix region in the province of Quebec. It crosses two provincial parks and offers a unique experience in the Charlevoix wilderness. Depending on the season, the trail can be hiked, skied or mountain-biked. Cottages and cabins are available along the trail for a fee. Access fees must also be paid for the provincial parks. The trail is maintained by a non-for-profit association. They also offer food-drops and to bring your car to the end of the trail for an extra fee.

Trip Details

Length105 km (65 miles)
DateFebruary 2012
Duration6.5 days
ResupplyNone, we carried all our food

For a winter hike like we did, backcountry skis equipped with climbing skins or kickers are recommended. In the winter the difficulty level of the trip varies a lot depending on the snow conditions and the number of skiers that have skied the trail before you since the last snowfall. Skiers should be ready and equipped for blizzard and extreme cold conditions, which you may or may not encounter. The trail can be steep, narrow, or have obstacles that are hard do handle on skis along the way. The picture album below should give you a good idea of what it's like to ski this trail in the winter. For summer hikers, the trip should be relatively easy and could be completed in less days. Hikers out there during the hunting season should wear high visibility clothing.